Addon (Erweiterungen) Liste · Erste Schritte Anleitung Speedport wv Typ A · Speedport wv FW Speedport (all). Most of the speedport routers. Hi All, I bought into the new 50MB/s DSL router package from t-com, and so far I’ ve not been able to setup port forwarding Since its all in.

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It is standard to get routers from the ISP here. Does anyone here possess a speedport WV please? If anyone possesses a speedport W V and has set up port forwarding weiterlietung I believe it is please can you let me know and if you could guide me through what I need to do on my router to atleast have it correctly configured?

I’m gonna try that out now, though I think that will work because I’ve already tried that see 2nd para above. There are a few things I don’t understand.

Cannot set up port forwarding on a speedport W723V

I’ve used google translate but in spite of doing what I think is right, I’m not being able to forward q723v which I need to allow through from outside to reach my ssh server thats configured to listen on. What could be wrong? OK, an nmap from localhost to localhost shows: But what do you mean connecting to the modem directly?

When I do a Hinzufugen I cannot enter the MAC address of my eth0 card anleltung there as it doesn’t accept the full hex address. I’ve used google translate but in spite of doing what. I think is right, I’m not being able to forward port which I need to allow through from outside to reach my ssh server.


Huawei Deutsche telekom Speedport W724V Typ A W723V Dsl Router

I’ve posted an attachment of the port forwarding rule after it was saved. Yes, I’ve clicked on save I was in the t-com office yesterday – nothing much happened, and long story short I’ll get a call from a english speaking technical support guy tomorrow eve.

Anleitun, it is 1 way of testing sshing to my local pc from outside isn’t it? I’ll post the nmap results soon. I believe from browsing the internet that there’s a file to download.

But the port forwarding doesn’t work. The connection refused, anleltung again, happens when I try to ssh to my external IP from any of these local pcs. I would think that an nmap to external IP would run the port scan on the router from outside isn’t it? Yesterday I tried to connect the cable coming straight from the wall into the ethernet port of my local linux pc so no router connected and attempted to use pppoe in linux to establish a dsl connection.

I tried the pppoe connecting the ethernet straight to the wall but I guess I’m wrong, it’ll probably not work as there’s no modem. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. If you or anyone knows about this and agree with me then I’ll pursue this method I’ll have to find out the number to dial thats all.

I know how to do port forwarding et al Its just that in this router its not working Talking of firmware – have you tried updating the WV’s firmware?


I’d really appreciate it. I used to have a speedport older speedport, all worked well. Just in case, some short briefs on what I’ve done so far: Does anyone also have the latest firmware perhaps? Sign in Already have an account?

– Official Homepage

Cannot set up port forwarding on a speedport WV Started by dmed7 Jun Posted 7 Jun Anleltung get much help from the T-come guys But How do I forward a port to a wired client?

But I don’t want to put it offon the contrary I want to checkup on and ensure port forwarding is ok. It’s possible that my ssh server is not properly configured and I can attempt to fix that, but whats the answer to. Hi Willsbob, Thank you for replying. Used to work for me to test connectivity with my older router.

Sorry for the delay in replying. I’ve tried that, the results were a bit strange.

Cannot set up port forwarding on a speedport WV – Telecoms & TV – Toytown Germany

Posted 17 Jun Posted 11 Jun The english translation for the router’s hint sections says something like “for security reason the firewall cannot be. I’m also thinking of checking naleitung the port forwarding works if forwarded to a windows computer. Installed a ssh server on windows and tried it out. I think I can do this.