5 Sep Written by author Chetan Bhagat, the book Five Point Someone is set in the Indian Institute Of Technology, the top engineering college in India. Five Point Someone has ratings and reviews. Rhea said: The first time I picked up this book, it felt like I was going to do a great thing. D. Aha!!!! Chetan Bhagat!!! I have to admit, that even though I hate what he writes, that guy had opened ways for many young and aspiring writers. But this is my.

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I wanted to be a corporate geek actually but my parents got me admitted at a dental surgery college forcefully and then when actually i was reading the book. Punjabi divas who have given some serious fitness goals.

I was in class five when I first read this book. A good book should be written so that any age group can enjoy it. I hated the idea to read someond but finally, I heard some news about chetan bhagat 5 point someone being adapted as a film when i read The first time I picked up this book, it felt like I was going to do a great thing.

Book Review — Five Point Someone

Each character is different, have different objectives and strengths and weakness. At that time the book was very, very popular since the movie was coming out and everyone wanted to know about the book as well.

Ente Mezhuthiri Athazhangal movie review highlights: If I compare these guys to my cbetan, then I chetan bhagat 5 point someone feel like something’s wrong with my dad or that the author’s got the IIT mentality wrong at the roots I mean, aren’t they supposed to be these demigods of intelligence?

As it turned out, the book wasn’t that good at all.

Five Point Someone deals with the challenges of life at an IIT Indian Institute of Technology where grades are relative and pressure to perform is unrelenting. Well, where should I begin? Oct 19, Ann Jacob rated it liked it.

Maybe they think such unrealistic things will happen to them in future or whatever. Also, I’ve been on the other side of it giving assignments. Savita Damodar Paranjpe’s pkint looks intriguing. Will they pull things out in the end? If you are a serious fiction aficionado, then this book is not for you It was an interesting read.

Veera, the new fluid mechanics professor. Refresh and try again.

But the story is all, and Bhagat keeps the narrative admirably uncomplicated. Amitabh smiles at Paa joke! While he talks about others chetan bhagat 5 point someone lot he doesn’t really talk about himself. He become the mentor of the three chetab and supports them when they needed most.

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat

I don’t remember much of the story now but I managed to recall some of the flaws that irked me the most. And reading about it all, makes me so glad we live in the society we do.

After such a long time I decided to review this book, just because my inner dedicated reader wanted appreciation for tolerating this horrendous piece of chetan bhagat 5 point someone in the name of literature.

The Sharwanand and Sai Pallavi starrer gets a release date. This marked the beginning of the IIT inspired love pages circulating all around the country. Most of the action, however, takes place inside the campus as the boys, led by the ever creative Ryan, frequently lamenting how the internationally lauded IIT system has stifled their creativity by forcing them to value grades more than anything else. Chetan Bhagat should consider joining English writing classes.

Okay first of all I would like to say this book is way different than the movie and I am kind of grateful for this as Chetan bhagat 5 point someone didn’t have to get hcetan. The autobiographical account lends itself to fine character development.

Five Point Someone

Divya Salla If you want to waste your precious time. Which seemed fair haha!

Its an insult to English language. The book is full of laughs and has a fair share of the emotional scenarios as well. I liked the characters and the narrative and some light humour tags itself along bhaat the way.