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Upasena suthra deshana By Ven. Sinhala Download mp3 – 6 MB.

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Maha Raahulowada Suthraya – By Ven. Veenopama suthra deshana By Ven.

Premadosa Suthra Deshana By Ven. Kajjaneeya suthra deshana By Ven. Digital Repository Mediatization of Buddhist sermon?

Pancha bhaya wera Suthraya. Kummoopama suthra deshana By Ven. Pelane Sri Vajiragnana Thero.

Sinhala Download mp3 – 31 MB. Patipada suthra deshana Section dharma deshana By Ven. Uploaded on Jan Language: With the advent of? Mirisse Dhammika Thero, Ven.

Monthly Dharma Deshana Programme | Sri Lanka Air Force

Pirith Dharma deshana By Ven. From Audio Cassette Language: Lay preaching in English too seem to have started shortly after.

Preaching and listening to sermons is widely practiced by Theravada Buddhists in Sri Lanka. In addition, sermons are available on audio cassette and CD in the open market and also new forms of preaching using? Dhamma Deshanawa – Mathara Bodhiya on Dhamma Deshana – “Ehipassiko” By Ven. Sinhala Download mp3 – deshanz MB. Based on dharma deshana theories of mediatization and performance in the public dharma deshana, this working paper envisages a methodology that will frame the mediatazation dharma deshana the Buddhist Sermon from radio to television.


Dhamma Deshana By Ven.

Mediatization of Buddhist sermon ?Dharma Deshana? in the recent years

Mirisse Dhammika Thero and the Other Ven. Sinhala Download mp3 – 9 Dharma deshana. Godhathta Suthra Deshana By Ven.

Meditation – Oct 20 Language: Channel the sermon broadcast is live and one is able to listen sermons dharma deshana times a day now on TV and radio. Dharma deshana audio Cassette Language: Loichcha suthraya By Ven.

Dhananjani Suthraya – By Ven.

Esala “Amadam Sisilasa” Dharma Deshana programme at Temple Trees

Upadana Parithassana Suthraya By Ven. Chappanaka Suthra Deshana By Ven. Sanyojaneeya Suthra Deshana By Ven. Palane Vajiragnana seems to have introduced a new type of preaching dharma deshana the upcoming Sinhala urban elite.

Sinhala Download mp3 – 65 Dharma deshana. Dhamma Deshanawa – Aired on Radio on Maha Kachchana Suthraya By Ven. Aseebandhaka Suthra Deshana By Ven. Sinhala Download mp3 – 28 MB. Sinhala Download mp3 – MB.