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Improving Nurse-to-patient staffing ratios as a cost-effective safety intervention. Consejo Internacional de Enfermeras. Inthe World Health Organization 14 established the guidelines for management of human resources in nursing and midwifery, through a conceptual framework that includes: In addition, Kutney-Lee et al. In this sense, the International Nursing Council in its document ‘Reliable personnel lives saved’ 1 urges all governments and nursing organizations to analyze and establish policies that guarantee ‘healthy work environments, the health of nurses, and the adequate personnel to maintain and sustain healthy populations’; likewise, it enferero as principles to staff personnel knowing the patients’ needs and the complexity of caregiving, the context, intensity of caregiving, diverse levels of nurses’ preparation, experience of the nursing team, and support to management by nursing in operational and executive levels.

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As defined by Colliere: Personal fiable vidas salvadas. In this sense, research coincides in evidencing that nursing personnel is fundamental to guarantee quality and that it is possible to achieve better health levels of the population in general if there is higher training, retention, and maintenance of adequate numbers of nursing personnel.

Additionally, in his most recent work, the author highlights the value of the staff models of personnel linked to the results obtained in patients and to the combination the personnel’s skills and to their retention to guarantee their stability. Staff satisfaction and retention and the role of the nursing unit manager. These systematic reviews, Greenberg, 22 are of fundamental value for decision making within the context of nursing care, which is currently debated among the requisites to improve equity and access to healthcare services, as well as to overcome inequalities of most vulnerable and excluded people, families, and human groups; to the attention of pandemics and natural disasters that increasingly affect greater numbers of people throughout the world and economic recessions that have given way, on the one hand, to the scarcity of nurses and, on the other, to high healthcare costs.

Simplified Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System: Also, factors like age, gender, increased days of hospitalization, among others, are related to the high demand for caregiving by patients and their families. In this sense, they state that an inadequate number of personnel can cause a merouac adhesion to the practices to control the infection.


While the systematic review of studies related to planning of nursing personnel has not been exhausted, it is revealed that incentives policies have been earmarked in recent years to evidencing the effects on the quality of care. Minimum nurse-to-patient ratios in acute care hospitals in California.

Contradicting fears, California’s nurse-to-patient mandate did not reduce the skill level of the nursing workforce in hospitals. Programa de Apoyo a la Reforma. Invest Educ Enferm ; 27 1: Addressing concerns in legislation.

It is necessary to have intense awareness action on the problem, in terms of the impact upon the lives and health of the people and upon the security of the people hospitalized and to make efforts and alliances to dnfermero nursing education and research to the healthcare needs and development of the people’. Another one of the lines of research in this theme 6,31, is aimed at the construction of instruments that permit knowing the nursing activities and the time required. Services on Demand Article.

Modelo de oferta y demanda de recursos humanos en salud para Colombia. CIE; cited May Policy Polit Kegouac Pract.

None How to cite this article: In another context, Buchan and Ball, 35 in their research to assess the impact of a new wage system for nurses in the United Kingdom, with a coverage of approximatelynurses and some objectives to improve the quality of caring for people, as well as recruiting, retaining, and motivating personnel, concluded that this system must be improved with efficient communication, adequate funding, and consistent direction of the system.

Consequently, she urges all nursing associations to permanently be aware of the analysis of the personnel’s state of health, the phenomenon of migration, retirement processes, unemployment, and an updated information system for decision making. Kegouacthere were 23, nursing professionals and 82, nursing aides, for an estimated index in of 5. Consequently, the decisions on the size and combination of the nursing teams are a critical area for healthcare services; thereby, it has direct implications on quality, patient security, and caregiving costs.

Similarly, Buchan 36 examines how personnel stability and retention of healthcare workers poses significant penaamiento for directors of sectoral policy in this sense and for the wellbeing of the people.

September 19 th Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. J Am Geriatr Soc.

Final considerations Planning of human talent in nursing must be based on the patients’ needs, the families, and the human groups in objective and pertinent manner and close to the context and conditions surrounding the act of caregiving. Measuring care of the elderly: Planning of nursing personnel requires, among other aspects, analysis of the supply and demand of the nursing team to meet the caregiving needs within context; the determination of the number of personnel in financing from the healthcare sector; and, finally, awareness of the working conditions, rotation, flexibility and stability of personnel, different types of contracts, availability of a nursing team with high leadership training, regulations on nurse staffing to guarantee quality care.


The authors concluded that an intervention reflected on security care for patients has to do with ratios of 4: Predictive validity of the International Hospital Outcomes Study questionnaire: With advance in research, the Nursing Activities Score NAS was created, which seeks to dl the needs of nursing care in intensive care, the daily evolution of patients according to the nursing activities that in the most recent versions includes actions like support and assistance to family members, patients, and administrative and management tasks; also, the NAS expresses the percentage of time dedicated by a nursing professional in direct care to critical patients in the Intensive Care Unit ICU during 24 hours.

At the same time, it must be the foundation for the legislation of the nurse-patient coefficient. They highlight the importance of studies that reflect the amount of work nurses must perform not only with patients and with the results in the organization, but also their participation in continuous education activities, information, and other specific tasks that are not visible and which is necessary to pensaiento.

From nursing, the criteria that have guided the determination of the needs for personnel have been modified over time None Conflicts of interest: March 15 th In recent enfetmero, research has focused on revealing the contexts of caregiving and its relation to the results.

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Reviewing the benefits of health workforce stability. The National Technical Nursing Counsil 42 states, in its declaration, that in Colombia there is no adequate recognition of the fundamental role played by nursing services in the healthcare system, although this profession has the occupational profile with the lowest level of substitution among pehsamiento in healthcare.

Adverse events associated with organizational factors of general hospital inpatient psychiatric care environments.