Congratulations on the purchase of your Freecom MusicPal. .. Insert the Freecom MusicPal software & Manual CD into your CD drive. Please. Music pal • Read online or download PDF • Freecom Technologies MusicPal User Manual. User manual for the device Freecom Technologies MusicPal. Online user manual database.

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Freecom MusicPal Manuals

You can download the Favorites list of the Freecom MusicPal as an m3u file. Make sure it includes the f. Tell us about it. Select Use bass boost? Show ClockThis feature enables you to display your system clock time and date in full-screenmode.

LAN IP address being used, the subnet mask, and so on. Freecom MusicPalAlthough the preceding example uses the freeecom third octet for a subnet address, notethat you are not restricted to octet boundaries in subnetting.

Configuring the Freecom MusicPal through the Web interface 2. If you are a novice in networks and routing basics, please check out Appendix “NetworkBasics” to get to know the terminology and processes used in this manual.

Now close all the windows you opened in the previous steps. Brightness Active This function gives you the facility to regulate the brightness of the display when there is activity. Page 64 MusicPal anymore.

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Freecom MusicPal Safety precautions To guarantee a faultless functioning of your Freecom MusicPal, please observe the fol- lowing safety precautions. Be sure to exclude all parts not covered by this guarantee prior to returning the product to Freecom. Page 28 Freecom MusicPal 3. freecon

To dothis, click on Download Favorites Playlist. You can now change the date by using the Navigate rotary knob. Now click on the icon Save 5.


Freecom MusicPal in practical usage Select Now Playing to get a display of what is currently playing. Only use the cable also included in delivery. Although the exactsize is unknown, the current estimate is that there are about million hosts and morethan million users actively on the Internet. After being able to view your songs or albums, select the category you want. After time-controlled activation, the device plays the Internet Radio programmes or music files from your Favorites folder.

Press the knobto confirm the digit you wantIP move automatically to the next. Freecom MusicPalSystem requirementsYour system needs to meet the following hardware and software requirements for thedevice to mahual properly.

Page Freecom MusicPal3.

Freecom MusicPal – Setup Instructions

Now mouse-click the top right corner on Change Settings and log in with adminas user name and password. Mouse-click Sleep Timer in the left-hand menu bar. Don’t have an account? You can dothis through the “Windows Update” feature, or download directly from www.


When started, it displays all MusicPals available in your network and helps you configurethe MusicPal. Page 26 Freecom MusicPalSnooze Timer snooze function When the alarm of the MusicPal sounds at the time that has been set, you can either stopthe alarm or pause it for 10 minutes snooze function.

Administration of the FavoritesYou can now either select a genre, or sort the stations according to language or location. Use the keypad to enter the current time and date. Thenetmasks for Class A, B and C are for instance Freecom MusicPal in practical usage6.

This translates human-readable names such as www. General InformationCompatibilityThe following play-list, file and streaming formats can be played with your FreecomMusicPal. You can find further information on networks and network basics in the Appendix. Now mouse-click the top right corner on Change Settings and log in with the wordadmin as your user name and also password. Now Playing Freecom MusicPal 5.