Published: (); Determination of absolute viscosity by short-tube viscosimeters / The Redwood viscometer / by Winslow H. Herschel, Associate Physicist. These viscometers are used to determine the viscosity of petroleum products. Two adoption of Red Wood viscometer are available No. 1 for liquids having Red . The general method of operation of most of the orifice viscometers is basically the same. The Redwood viscometer may be considered as the first orifice meter.

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Redwood Viscometer Manufacturers, Suppliers & Wholesalers

For calculation purpose of kinematic viscosity vthe simplified expression is obtained as below; redwood viscometer. The bath is made from S. These products are used in different laboratories for measuring redwood viscometer viscosity of varied kinds of fluids. So, the value of viscosity of the liquid may be obtained by comparison with value of time for the liquid of known viscosity. Multiple Redwood Redwood viscometer Apparatus. Saybolt and Redwood Viscometer: With Price Related Category.

The complete instrument comprises of stove hammer finished shield, stainless steel bath with electrical heating arrangements, suitable to operate onvolts A. However, the Hagen-Poiseuille redwood viscometer can be still applied by designing a efflux type viscometer that works on the principle of vertical gravity flow of a viscous liquid through a capillary tube.

The temperature is more. Here, the stopper is replaced with an orifice and Redwood seconds is defined for collection of 50ml of liquid to flow out of orifice. Redwood viscometer Scientific Instruments Co.


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II for liquids whose more. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. SS tubular immerssion more. Redwood viscometer confirm torequirements of IP 70 Former.

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Standard Scientific Instrument Co. Suitable for flow ranges from sec. In general, both the viscometers are used to compare the viscosities of different liquid. It is made up of silver plated redwood viscometer oil cup with a precision stainless steel jet collected in a chromium plated both fitted with a heating tube or element and drain cock.

C Mains or gas heating arrangements, more. The Saybolt viscometer has a redwood viscometer cylindrical chamber filled with liquid whose viscosity redwood viscometer to be measured Fig. It consists 4 X4 matrix key pad for input more. Please enter your Email ID. Stainless Redwood viscometer Operating Voltage: A Redwood viscometer is another efflux type viscometer Fig.

Tell us what you need by filling in the form. Redwood viscometer Vihar Phase 1, Delhi No. Please enter full name. Two adaption of Red Wood viscometer are available No. These viscometers are designed for viscositytests of petroleum Products. Munjal Building, Ambala -Haryana. These viscometers are redwood viscometer for viscosity tests of petroleum products.


The bath and cup assembly is mounted on a stand with redwood viscometer. Owing to their longer service more. For measurement of viscosity, the stopper at the bottom of the tube is removed and time for 60ml of liquid to flow is tedwood which is named as Saybolt seconds. Two adaption of RedWood viscometer are available No.

Two adaption of red wood viscometer redwood viscometer available No. Redwood Viscometer Multiple Apparatus. For calculation purpose of kinematic viscosity vthe simplified expression is obtained as below. Two adaptations of Redwood Viscometers are available. The main disadvantage of the capillary tube viscometer is the errors that arise due to the variation in the head loss and other parameters.

These viscometers are designed for viscimeter tests of petroleum Products. Vicsometer for Flow ranges from 20 sec to sec. They redwood viscometer to recruitment of IP Thermocouple We offer to our more. Owing to the monumental demand of our prestigious clients, we manufacture, supply and exportRedwood Viscometer.

It is surrounded by a constant rdwood bath and a redwood viscometer tube length 12mm redwood viscometer diameter 1. Lab Use Capacity more. They confirm to requirements of IP Please enter Mobile Number.